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Northern California PGA
“Teacher of the Year”

“Ben’s simple approach to teaching golf is an asset to every golfer.” John Geertsen, Jr., PGA

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Ben’s teaching program is simple and fun. The key is to cover the basic fundamentals and to teach every student as an individual using the student’s strengths. Ben believes he should develop the student’s strengths and have them work with what they have to work with. The next step is to have the player develop those assets to become a better golfer so the student will have more fun with their golf game and shoot lower scores. Ben has a great support system. He keeps a written evaluation and daily progress record of each student’s lesson so the golfer will always know what they need to work on so the player will progress in a positive direction.

The turn of the body and the hands hinging back and through promotes a good golf swing with good tempo and timing, not hitting or pulling with the arms. A sound short game, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play will lower scores quickly with a good practice program. Ben uses a digital video system using a telestrator and slow motion frame by frame swing analysis to help the golfer learn visually. Using training clubs and teaching aids help the player learn quickly and the student feels comfortable with their golf swing so they can progress, play golf for many years and have fun.

To quote Ben: “My emphasis is not just to teach but to coach, and to be there for follow up coaching and answering questions.”

  • Private Individual Lessons 45 minutes
  • Series of 5 – 45 minutes each (Buy 4, get one free)
  • On Course Lessons
  • Golf Schools

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